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3 word story

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Re: 3 word story

Post by xx kross xx on Sat Oct 17, 2009 3:12 pm

Tasha was pking then someone came and got owned By tashas big Godsword
Special and she said OMG Candy bars! AND DEN ZEZIMA!1!!1 Came
along and Got heart attack and died in his mega house. Then Pedobear
came and owned her with a grenade But she xlogged and legend got His
banhammer out and whacked his friend in the balls , then he picked them
and started crying. But he saw a gay orgy there was p0wnd and legend
to the bank and took out a ags and dropped it and picked it to drop it
but suddenly he ran to wildy and some strange shrooms popped out and he
some small condoms which tasha used to grow germs. Zezima respawned in
the wildy just before any pker so he could get out wildy without dieing
so zezima returned to get a life and went to the wallmart with his
friends and only 1 of them showed up so he jumped on his scooter to buy
a video game called: World Of Warcraft.
So zezima could have a purpose in no-lifing again which he is very good at?
zezima got a boner and wanker over world-of-warcraft whilst he was
dancing to thriller in memory of Thehate. After that fate1337 fced
and Legend pulled out kross and whacked Fate1337 with his gay dick.
Kross's gay dick was really short it couldnt reach him but then an axe
flies and hits him in the forehead and then he hit the ground and blood
all over waffles, which Legend really wanted to eat But Tasha ate
nothing at all And legend was owned by kross so bad that he started
his admin powers Which he didn't use on tasha because she bitches about
little thing that happens to her and whines alot like a sad dying cat
that just got ran over by stewie. Tasha commited suicide and legend
her with his big hairy dick kross came and sucked on it Then he got a
sad bitch to luagh at your mother puking all over the Fcuking concrete
floor after looking at divines small dick
xx kross xx
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Re: 3 word story

Post by OwningU on Sun Oct 18, 2009 10:17 pm

Which has a tint
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